I am not even sure if this is the proper term for this technique. MA texted me and asked how was I.  I expressed that I was OK. He asked if I had eaten. I purposely avoided the question and asked how was his day. After about 20mins, he sent the same text. I didn’t want to answer because I knew I would get it. He sent a picture of a blind fold, hand cuffs, belt & flogger. I realized it meant I needed to answer right away.

I replied no. He sent me a message that read “You’re still too prideful. We’ll teach you about that. However, he there is something else I want to teach you about first. What got you into this mess in the first place. I’m on my way.  You better be naked & showered.”

WTF! In like ten mins there was a knock so loud on my door i heard it while i was in the shower. I ran to the door, it was the chinese food guy. I expressed I hadn’t ordered any food and he told me it was already charged to a credit card. I smiled. MA was so nice to me. Then I got a text that said, “Eat up sweetie! You’re gonna need that energy!”

I lotioned myself and ate the food. It was my favorite, Honey Walnut Shrimp with fried rice and Wontons. Just as I finished it, there was a knock on the door. I ran and opened it. It was him. He looked down at my body and grabbed my throat and squeezed just a little not enough to hurt me, but enough to make me fear him…

“Didn’t I tell you to be naked when I got here? You’re gonna get it! ON YOUR KNEES! PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YO HEAD! Spread those legs and let me inspect you! You’re clean! good job! Let me reward you close your eyes”

HE began sucking my big tits… Just when I felt my pussy getting wet he put something on my nipple that hurt REALLY BAD!! I opened my eyes and it was something that looked like a tool I have seen my father use when he was doing handy work… He put another on my left nipple. i was wencing in pain and then he began pulling them with a smile on his face. His sadist side was coming out. He slapped them and made me shake my breasts for him… He them took them off! I think that hurt worse than them being on…

He said, “Ok. Now for your lesson! HAHAHA! Self control! You’re gonna learn how to control yourself. That way you won’t ever over spend and not have anything to eat. He walked over to the coffee table and flipped it over. “Crawl over here, bitch! Bitches crawl, from now on, you crawl in my presence, BITCH!”

He knew I hated for people to call me that. i think it’s a black girl thing. It’s like call a black woman a bitch and she will kill you. I fought back the urge to slap the shit out of him for calling me that. He guided me in between the legs of the coffee table & hand cuffed my hands to it.

“You’re such an obedient bitch” He rubbed the side of my face, “you’re a beautiful bitch also.” Then I felt him ram his fingers into my ass, I allow anal play but I hate it, he knows that. “I know you like this BITCH!”

Before I knew it, I kicked him with all my might right in his chest, “I AM NOT YOUR BITCH, NIGGA! UNTIE ME NOW!” I gasped, realizing what I had done… “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please. I beg. Please.”

Before I knew it, he grabbed my braids and pulled them, “Oh, yea bitch you wanna be defiant and kick me. I have something for you!” He cuffed my ankles to the table, the tied my thighs and bicepts to it. Before it was all over, I was stuck in this web and couldn’t move. He took those wrench looking things and clamped my pussy lips then spread them apart. It hurt, but i refused to cry or use my safe word. I was going to make him pay. I pretended it didn’t phase me, I even laughed.

He then took off his leather belt. Then I got scared and started to cry. i was stuck & couldn’t move or anything… Then the licks started. He hit me with all his might.  I started screaming, then he stuffed a sock in my mouth. “Spit that out when you’ve had enough!”

WHAT? I thought to myself, I can’t spit this out. OMG, he was getting me good. I just knew my ass was all bruised up. My back burned. After what felt like 30mins, he said, “Have you had enough” He pulled the sock out my mouth. I was crying like a baby, “yes, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what came over me-”

He slapped my ass, “Didn’t I tell you not to apologize to me? Don’t answer that!”

He then went to my room and got my dildo & two vibrators.  He turned all of them up to fast speed. “Self control, Samantha! It’s time to learn. If you cum, I will give you 25licks with that flogger. I am going to remove these, ok. I am inserting this one into your ass. This dick inside your pussy. This vibrator right on your clit. Let’s see how long you last…”

He had a smirk on his face. This was pure torture. He moved the wrench thingies. Just as he promised inserted the vibrator in my ass and tied it to the table some way that it couldn’t move. he put the dildo in and vibrator he set them so that they coould move from the spots they were in.

He’s so smart. My pussy was getting the treatment and I came like 3 mins later. He just sat there and laughed. Came over & gave me my licks with full force. I kept cuming over and over. The licks kept cuming each time. I was begging for him to turn them off, but he wouldn’t. “don’t be afraid to use your safe word!”

e was challenging me, the prideful Samantha hates a challenge. So I began to think of my husband. that made me last longer, ten mins went by without an orgasm. I felt it building up, then he said, “It’s ok, Samantha, you may cum now!”

I came a squirted all over the place. That was the first time I ever squirted…. “Good girl. Good girl.” He turned them off & pulled the dick & vibrator off my clit, he pulled  the vibrator out my ass and shoved the dildo in. He fucked my pussy hard with his huge dick while the dildo was in my ass. It hurt a little, but I still came. Then I felt warmth fill my pussy. He filled me with his sperm, I accepted it…

He said, “did you enjoy yourself?”



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